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Light Packaging


Vegetable bundling tape No.808

Specifically designed for vegetable bundling, this tape provides reliable quality and superior diversity for use in product image improvement and price labeling, etc.

This is a non-polluting type tape where the glue does not stick to the vegetables. It can be securely bundled by sticking the ends together. It is a tape which is water resistant, weather resistant and strong and has conformed with the specification test conducted under the Food Products Sanitation Law.


  • Separating and bundling fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Labeling of prices


Test Items



Thickness of tape

mm 0.067

Thickness of base material

mm 0.04

Adhesive strength

N/10mm (g/10mm)

3.40 (347)

Self rear-adhesive strength

N/10mm (g/10mm) 1.30 (132)

Self-adhesive strength

N/10mm (g/10mm) 10.0 (1,020)

Unwinding force

N/10mm (g/10mm) 0.30 (306)

Tensile strength

N/10mm (kg/10mm) 45.0 (4.59)


% 125
  • The figures in the table above are measurements and are not guaranteed values


Size W(mm)xL(m)

 Unit packaging

 One package

15 x 100 10 80
20 x 100 10 80
  • Please feel free to contact us about printing tapes.


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