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Fixlon tape No.816

Fixlon tape No.816

Tape with special film that rarely leaves adhesive residue.




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Used for fixing and bundling.
Even after long exposure to heat and light there is little adhesive residue. Because of the self-adhesive`s strength, it also sticks to embossed surfaces. Because a special film is used, it has the same strong, stretch-ability as filament tape


  • Attaching the electrical components and electrical parts of refrigerators, ventilator fans, etc.
  • Fixing the parts of office machines, correspondence machines, etc.
  • Fixing and bundling furniture and instruments.


Test Items



Thickness of tape

mm 0.085

Thickness of base material

mm 0.06

Adhesive strength

N/10mm (g/10mm) 3.92 (400)


Ball No.


Unwinding force

N/10mm (g/10mm) 1.08 (110)

Tensile strength

N/10mm (kg/10mm) 196 (20.0)


% 35

Adhesive strength of embossed face

N/10mm (g/10mm) 2.63 (268)

10% Modulus

N/10mm (kg/10mm) 87.7 (8.95)

Heat resistance

Acrylic coated board

- Good

PP resin board

- Good

ABS resin board

- Good

Resistance to

climatic conditions

Acrylic coated board

- Good

PP resin board

- Good

ABS resin board

- Good
  •  Measurement conditions/23'C,65%RH
  •  Heat resistance/60'Cx5days
  •  Resistance to climatic conditions/ Ultraviolet rays carbon arcx72hr
  • The figures in the table above are measurements and are not guaranteed values


Size W(mm)xL(m)

Unit packaging(rolls)

One package(rolls)

12 x 50 1 120
15 x 50 1 80
19 x 50 1 60
25 x 50 1 60


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