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Cloth series


New Clear cloth tape

Recycled Type Using Recycled PET in Semi-Clear Cloth Tape



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Because of its soft base material, it is most suitable for packaging where complete sealing is required. Also, its semiclear quality ensures that it does not stand out. It can be relied on in a wide variety of work conditions such as low temperatures required in Cool Bin delivery. It is not only water resistant but also most suitable for Styrofoam case packaging.


  • Packaging original cases
  • Packaging with numerous items to record
  • Short time packaging operations
  • Packaging where opening is important


Test Items


New Clear cloth

Thickness of tape

mm 0.107

Thickness of base material

mm 0.080

Adhesive strength

N/10mm (g/10mm) 1.8 (184)


Ball No. 15

Unwinding force

N/10mm (kg/10mm) 18(184)

Holding power

mm 0.2

Tensile strength

N/10mm (kg/10mm) 39.6(4.0)


% 29
  • The figures in the table above are measurements and are not guaranteed values


Size W(mm)xL(m)

 Unit packaging

 One package

50 x 25 1 30

Cloth tape No.600
Cloth tape No.600S
Cloth tape No.600V
Colored Cloth No.600V
100% recycled PET fiber used Cloth Tape No. 600R
Fit Light Tape No. 738|SEKISUI
Vinyl cloth No.750
New cloth tape No.760
Cloth Light No.780
Clear cloth No.781

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