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Cloth series


100% recycled PET fiber used
Cloth Tape No. 600R

Cloth tape whose the base material is 100% recycled PET fiber.

Using newly-developed technology, both the horizontal and the vertical threads of the tape use recycled PET fiber as the base material. The performance is similar to the cloth tape.


  • Sealing and packaging cardboard boxes, plastic cases, oil cans, etc.
  • Heavy packaging where adhesive strength is important


Test Items



Thickness of tape

mm 0.197

Thickness of base material

mm 0.125

Adhesive strength

N/10mm (g/10mm) 3.4 (347)


Ball No. 32

Unwinding force

N/10mm (g/10mm) 2.4?245?

Holding power

mm 0.0

Tensile strength

N/10mm (kg/10mm) 55.0 (5.61)


% 12
  • The figures in the table above are measurements and are not guaranteed values


Size W(mm)xL(m)

 Unit packaging

 One package

50 x 25 1 30


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100% recycled PET fiber used Cloth Tape No. 600R
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