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Cloth series


Fit Light Tape No. 738

Environmentally considerate tape for moving and construction curing

Uses PET products such as PET bottles and clothes as raw materials
Segmented and recycled at the molecular level Uses recycled PET fiber in the vertical threads


  • Uses recycled PET fiber in the vertical threads of the tape.
  • More than 10% reduction in CO2 during incineration
    (compared to existing company products)
  • Light-weight design, compact even for 50m rolls
    (similar to existing company 25m rolls). Easy to carry.
  • Flexible and sticks well even on uneven surfaces.
  • Can stick on polyethylene and polypropylene laminated paper and is also stackable.
  • Easy to write on with oil-based ink.
  • Can be removed completely with special glue.


    Test Items



    Thickness of tape

    mm 0.105

    Adhesive strength

    N/10mm (g/10mm) 2.2 (224.4)


    Ball No. 16

    Tensile strength

    N/10mm (g/10mm) 40 (4080)


    % 25
    • The figures in the table above are measurements and are not guaranteed values


    Size W(mm)xL(m)

     Unit packaging

     One package

    50 x 25 1 30
    50 x 50 1 30


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