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Sekisui offers a wide range of packaging tapes for various applications, including household tape, office tape, cardboard sealing tape, and export packaging tape. To prove worthy of its customers' trust in its reputation as a pioneer in the packaging tape field, Sekisui produces quality products in its manufacturing plant with the latest facilities, and provides quick delivery.

Product Lineup

Kraft Tape No.500

Excellent holding power and stable quality. It is easy to tear by hand, providing excellent workability. It is most frequently used as general-purpose tape for sealing cardboard boxes. A special resin treatment makes it highly moisture-proof and highly durable at high or low temperatures.
Main applications: For sealing cardboard boxes (medium and light weight)

Evercel OPP Tape/Supreme OPP tape

High cost-performance OPP tape. Very strong with high adhesion, it has many useful applications to meet your needs. It is an environmentally friendly product, produced without using any organic solvents.
Main applications: Packaging cardboard boxes, and export packaging

Cloth Tape No.600

Longtime seller for heavy packaging and export packaging. A spun rayon cloth tape is coated with a self-adhesive with superior adhesive and holding strength. This tape can be used to protect machinery because of its thickness.
Main applications: Sealing and packaging cardboard boxes, plastic cases, etc., and protecting the surfaces of machines and instruments from rust, humidity and scratches.

Sekisui Cellophane Tape No.252

Longtime top seller due to its high quality. It has high adhesive strength and is suitable for use in low-temperature environments; can be used to seal polyethylene bags and containers; transparent.
Main applications: General light packaging, wrapping and closing paper boxes, and for mounting calendars and posters



Product Lineup

Cloth Tape No.600

Sekisui Cellophane Tape No.252


Figures in datasheet are only measurements. They are not guaranteed values.

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