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environmental policy

Sekisui has launched "Step 21", its environmental mid-term plan, to press its present environmental engagements forward and also to aim at being an environment-creative enterprise in the 21st century. Also, within the packaging tape business, we, Sekisui, intend to take a variety of steps to minimize the negative impact on the global environment while satisfying the needs of our customers, by reexamining materials, improving production lines, complying with national and international industrial standards, making appropriate indications and so on. Sekisui aims to provide its customers with the best packaging tape, with a full awareness of its environmental impact.
Environmental protection
Zero emissions Building an environmental management system
Environmental creation
Collecting and recycling products Developing new environment-friendly products
Information disclosure
Addressing environmental issues Nature conservation activities Information disclosure

Environment-friendly measures in our manufacturing facilities
ISO 14001
The Musashi and Amagasaki Plants received ISO 14001 certification before 1997.
Zero emission
Since the year 2000, we have been recycling all waste in the Musashi Plant.

Public evaluation standards in use
ISO 14001

An international environmental standard that serves as a management system to systematically solve environmental issues at plants.

Eco mark

The mark given by the Environmental Association of Japan to products that minimize environmental impact.

Green mark

The mark given by the used paper Recycling Promotion Center to products that use recycled paper.


Sekisui has already developed a number of environment-friendly products.
Paper Core
Our paper cores are made of recycled paper.


Ecora Pack Kraft Tape
No. 501

Over 40% of the substrate is recycled paper.


Cello Tape No. 252
This tape is made from natural cellulose, and its adhesive is made from natural rubber.

Evercel - OPP Tape
Super Kraft Tape No. 504NS

No hydrocarbons are generated since we use a solvent-free adhesive agent.
*When discharged into the air in large quantities,
hydrocarbons are believed to be a cause of photochemical smog.

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