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Oily Surface Tacking Double-faced Adhesive Tape #586

Double-faced Tape 586 for Oily Surface Tacking

Our 586 is a double-faced adhesive tape made of thin nonwoven fabric base material coated with rubber adhesive to provide a good fit on curved surfaces and improved adhesion to oily surfaces.


  • - Specially compounded rubber adhesive provides excellent adhesion to oily surfaces.
  • - The ultra thin nonwoven fabric base material provides an excellent fit on curved surfaces and folded areas.
  • - 586 is a double-faced tape and can therefore be easily combined with PE sponge (Softron?) and other sealing materials.


Attaching of door lock sealing material


General physical properties


Unit 586 Current products Remarks



- Special rubber Acrylic -
Thickness um 85 128 Conforming to JIS Z0237
(90-degree peeling)



Stainless steel N/25mm 15.9 15.9
Aluminum 12.7 14.3
Acryl 11.6 18.9
PC 14.1 19.7
PP 15.2 12.4
PE 10.7 6.2

Oily surface adhesion

Stainless steel 90-degreee peeling resistance
11.6 14.3 Apply grease to the adherend and remove it with gauze. Stick the tape onto the adherend to measure the peeling resistance.
Stainless steel
with oily surface
9.9 0.3, max

* Data are only references; they are not guaranteed values.

  • Comparison of adhesion to stainless steel with oily surface (90-degreee peeling resistance, N / 25 mm)

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Double-faced Tape 586 for Oily Surface Tacking |

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