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Kraft tape (General packaging) 

Interior Attaching Double-faced Tape #5782
Long-term seller and environmentally friendly

Double-faced Tape 5782 for Fixing of Interior Parts

Our double-faced adhesive tape 5782 has been developed to adhere to molded products made from resin (e.g., polypropylene), as well as polyurethane foams. This tape suppresses the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odor to fulfill "less impact on both environment and humans."


  • - The VOC emission is substantially reduced compared to current products.
  • - The tape provides excellent adhesion against adherends made from olefins, such as PP and PE, and urethane foams.
  • - The tape improves the cold adhesion performance compared to current products.
  • - The tape is free from the thirteen sick house syndrome chemical substances regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that are harmful to human bodies.


Attaching of air conditioner sealing materials


VOC emission (under 90'C and 30-minute heating)

Comparison of -10'C cold peeling resistance (PP plate)

 Ultra low VOC emission is achieved compared to current products

Cold peeling resistance is also improved


Unit Low environment impact tape
Current product Measuring conditions


um 130 130 Conforming to JIS Z0237?
Adhesion (stainless steel) 23'C N/25mm 18.6 16.7
Adhesion (PP) -10'C 4 3.0
0'C 10.0 8.8
23'C 15.8 13
Ball tack 1/32" 30 13

Holding performance

mm 0.2 0.4 Conforming to JIS Z0237 (load: 1 kg)

Softening point
(PP plate)

'C over 150 132 Load: 500 g, Heating speed: 3'C/5 min

* Data are only references; they are not guaranteed values.

Low-smell and Ultra Low-VOC Double-faced Tape 5782LSV
Environmental Conservation - efforts of various industrial sectors toward low VOC emission
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Double-faced Tape 5782 for Fixing of Interior Parts
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