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Kraft tape (General packaging) 

Harness Setting Tape #735A

Single-faced Tape 735A for Fixing of Wire Harness - environmentally friendly and with strong adhesion

735A is a single-faced adhesive tape composed of toluene-free acrylic adhesive and polystyrene base material, and has strong adhesion and conserves the environment. It even adheres well to olefin adherends. (Double-faced tape is also available.)


  • - Since a toluene-free acrylic adhesive that is superior in durability and weather resistance is used, the tape is suitable for olefin adherends such as PP and PE.
  • - The base material is made of polyethylene cloth, offering good cutting by hand and improved workability.
  • - The tape is free from the thirteen sick house syndrome chemical substances regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that are harmful to human bodies.
Thirteen sick house syndrome chemical substances regulated by THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH, LABOUR AND WELFARE
Formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, chlorpyrifos, p-dichlorobenzene, ethylbenzene, styrene, dibutyl phthalate, diethylhexyl phthalate, tetradecane, diazinon, acetaldehyde, fenobucarb




General physical properties


Unit 735A Current products Measuring conditions

Adhesion pesr adherend

Ceiling material A (glass/PP) N/25mm 8.25 6.5 Conforming to JIS Z0237
(90-degree peeling)
Ceiling material B (PU) 9.25 9.25
Peeling test after wet heat aging test Ceiling material A (glass/PP) N/25mm


7.00 9Measurement after 4 test cycles
(1 cycle: 90'C -> -20'C -> 70'C
at 95 %RH)
* According to Sekisui-unique method 
Ceiling material B (PU)



* Data are only references; they are not guaranteed values.

  • Adhesion per adherend

 Adhesion per adherend

  • The tape adheres well to even low polarity adherends such as PP.
  • The tape shows good adhesion for various adherends.

* Data are only references; they are not guaranteed values.

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Environmental Conservation - efforts of various industrial sectors toward low VOC emission
Setting Single-faced Adhesive Tape#735A for Fixing of Wire harness
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